About MCC

The Magical Crypto Conference is a fun and light-hearted conference that invites everyone who wants to be involved in the various topics surrounding Bitcoin to participate, network, and learn.

Technical decision makers and strategy influencers from all over the world mingle at MCC and listen to multifaceted talks by leaders and pioneers of the industry.

Held in May 2019, the inaugural Magical Crypto Conference was a stunning success. We are now continuing the saga with MCCVR 2020, the world’s first VR Bitcoin conference, as well as a future event planned in New York.

Magical Crypto Friends is a collaboration between Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Blockstream CSO and Pixelmatic CEO Samson Mow, Tari Labs co-founder Riccardo Spagni, and expert trader WhalePanda.

In October 2017, the four friends started a YouTube show which has since gained widespread popularity. On the MCF Show, they discuss industry news as well as technical questions surrounding Bitcoin in a humorous way that everyone can understand.


  • Chikun aka Charlie Lee

    Charlie is the creator of Litecoin and a celebrity in the cryptocurrency space. He graduated from MIT and started his career as a developer for massive software companies such as Google. After he released Litecoin, he worked at Coinbase for 4 years before leaving to work full time on Litecoin. He is currently the MD of the Litecoin Foundation where he oversees the development of the cryptocurrency.

  • Excellion aka Samson Mow

    Excellion is the CSO of Blockstream and founder of video game studio Pixelmatic. Samson is a Bitcoin expert and key influencer in the cryptocurrency space. Before Blockstream he was the COO of BTCC, one of the largest exchanges and mining pools in the world. He is also the creative force behind the Magical Crypto Friends, crafting the show’s intro animations, shorts, toys, and overall branding, and even this website!

  • Fluffypony aka Riccardo Spagni

    Fluffypony is the lead maintainer of Monero. He started his career as a software developer and started his own import/export business that gave him the freedom to experiment with Bitcoin in early 2011. He joined Monero before it’s launch in 2014 and has become its main spokesperson. He is the founder of Globee, a multi-currency payment processor and co-founder of Tari, an open source blockchain protocol, built specifically for digital assets. He also loves playing with LEGO.

  • WhalePanda aka WhalePanda

    WhalePanda is a world-famous expert on Bitcoin and spends his time educating people on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin and highly influential member of the community. He hosts the Magical Crypto Friends show and keeps all the other friends on topic, as much as possible.